Are you ready to live a more empowered life?


It can be as easy as observing the world around you and trusting the world inside you.


Start Living an Empowered Life Today

Are you ready to live a more empowered life?

Can you believe it's as easy as observing the world around you and trusting the world inside you.

Start Living an Empowered Life Today

Are you ready to receive the nourishment and support you deserve while striving for your unlimited potential?

Allow us to guide you to become more of YOU


... the magically gifted powerhouse the world so desperately needs,


... and the satisfied and fulfilled version of you that you crave.

In Membership You'll Learn How To...

Engage Your Intuition 


Learn how your intuition converses with you and the Universe. Follow the stars to gain clarity and focus. Do ritual to deepen your dreams. 

Get into Alignment


Align your mind and heart with the power of the Universe to get into the unlimited flow. Surround yourself with like-minded community. 

Manifest Using the Moon 


Discover how the cycles of the Moon support your ability to release and create space for manifesting your desires. 

Engage, Align and Manifest Using Your Intuition

Our magical Empowerment Membership holds space for you to develop and practice your intuitive skills allowing you to align to the life you are meant to live. Learn to Manifest with the New Moon and Full Moon rituals. Expand your magical knowledge with monthly workshops. Engage your intuition with oracle card spreads and so much more. Allow this inspiring membership to help guide you through the energetic seasons of 2023.

Start Living an Empowered Life Today

Looking for a supportive community that's filled with magic and love? This is for you.

Tracy Mills

I love the Empowerment membership because of all the support from Kim and her team, as well as the members themselves. I am so very grateful for all the learning, and motivation, watching everyone succeed, learn and grow beyond their expectations. Even myself. I'm more grounded, less like a squirrel looking for that magical nut. I still get triggered, but in this Empowerment Membership, I have the tools to make my way through. ❤️️

Your Empowerment Team

Your Empowerment Team

What Can You Expect from Membership:

★ Work with the power and magic of your intuition


★ Build relationship with your intuition through the seasons and cycles


★ Prioritize and plan your actions with star power and oracle cards


★ Embrace your purpose and power so you can expand your prosperity and potential


★ Work with the moon to manifest and align with your prosperity and flow


★ Expand your knowledge of magical tools including crystals, tarot, oracle cards and more


★ Receive access to a private, member's only, group


★ Be among the first to learn about new program offers

Start Living an Empowered Life Today

It's a Safe Space for You to Explore, Play & Grow

In Membership there is space for you to:


🗸 Trust in your intuition


🗸 Confidently use oracle cards & set intentions


 🗸 Open yourself up to the power of the stars


🗸 Deepen your connection to the lunar cycle


🗸 Boost your intuition through seasonal energy


 🗸 Explore your magic


🗸 Deepen your intentional purpose


🗸 Align to your potential


🗸 Celebrate your intuitive wins


The moment you join the membership, you'll be part of our supportive container with like-minded people who share the same values helping you open and deepen your intuition with magical tools.

Become an Empowerment Member

Monthly Membership


Automatically Billed Every Month.

Upgrade or cancel anytime. No refunds.



Join Now $48

Annual Membership


Automatically Billed Every 12 Months

* Get 2 months FREE!

2023 BONUS: Free access to our Star Pass

Cancel anytime, includes Star Pass access. Prorated refunds.

Join Now $480

Cancellation Policy: If the Empowerment Membership isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Refunds are not offered on the monthly payment plan and will be prorated for the annual plan.

What it Looks Like to Live an Empowered Life

Kelly Snider - Epic Exchanges


I've worked with Kim and her team since the beginning of 2021 through a time of huge transition for me, into a new business entirely. I've been so grateful for the incredible support and direction, ensuring that I'm in complete alignment with my gifts and helping me step into and fully own my power. Every single team member brings something unique to the magic of the whole. It just keeps getting better.

Meshaelle Pate - Intuitive Harmony Warrior


Kim is amazing! By working with her, I have entirely accepted my intuition and magick. I have put my mind to rest and allowed my heart to feel and lead my life. Kim and her team have supported me in this transition by making me feel safe yet pushing me. The push has allowed me to grow into gifts I would never have known I had without her guidance. My business is evolving from being a life coach to now utilizing my intuition and powerful spiritual gifts as tools to help my clients on a level I never knew was possible before meeting Kim and her fantastic team.

Membership Perks

Support & Community


Monthly digital journal capturing the intentions and guidance under the team's watchful eye. Exclusive Facebook Group with Q&A to support your intuition development.

Monthly Oracle 


Link in with the seasonal energy, harness star power and use oracle cards & other magical tools to get into alignment and connect with your knowing.

New and Full Moon Rituals


Receive and reflect on the lunar rituals to lean into the powerful energies for releasing and manifesting. Use the journal for reflection and intention to enhance your intuition. 

Monthly Workshops


Every month, we offer a special magical workshop to help you develop your magical abilities. While not each ability may be yours, they are definitely not to be missed!

Start Living an Empowered Life Today


The Empowerment Membership...

... propels you through the year with ease and confidence. It is a supportive community for you to uncover and lean into your intuition.


Connecting to your intuition reveals your most authentic and expansive self.


Allowing you to walk into 2023 and claim it as your year for success, love and money!

Start Living an Empowered Life Today